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Welcome to a part of my world – I’m pretty excited you’re here. Those of you who know me already, know that I’ve been passionate about photography for the last seven years or so. It was an unexpected passion (see my “about” page…), but not altogether surprising when it comes down to it.

I’m currently living in Boston, MA with my AmAZING husband, Chris, who is the smarty pants in the family getting his PhD. I think he’s a genius. Oh, and he has some wicked awesome dance moves. No joke. Our “children” consist of one plant that has thrived survived under my care. Ahem.

When you won’t find me at my office job (sadly this is still a “side business” – I mean, someone has to buy the wine pay the bills, right?) or taking pictures, I’ll be at home making tasty food for friends, drinking a margarita (okay…two), or talking to my gorgeous sister who lives far too far away in Texas with my charming nephews and brother in-law.

That’s me. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. So, grab a cuppa (or a glass of wine) and join me in this adventure.


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