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This sweet family was such a joy to meet. Teeny Vivi was a fresh 8 days old and such a gorgeous wee girl. Her mama looked stunning and it was so hard to tell she’d just given birth the week before – so gorgeous! Dearest Vivi, you are so loved by mommy and daddy. Thank you for sharing your bright eyes, strongĀ lungs ( šŸ˜‰ ), and sweet expressions with me.Ā I already can’t wait for your 6 month and 1 year photos and seeing how you grow and change and develop your bright personality. Much love xo

JWJ_0286 copy JWJ_0300 JWJ_0328 JWJ_0346 JWJ_0349 JWJ_0354 JWJ_0362 JWJ_0369 JWJ_0393 JWJ_0399 JWJ_0428 JWJ_0432 copy JWJ_0446 JWJ_0466 JWJ_0477 JWJ_0486 JWJ_0492 JWJ_0501 JWJ_0519 copy JWJ_0555 JWJ_0564 JWJ_0571 JWJ_0575 JWJ_0607 JWJ_0620 JWJ_0628 JWJ_0633 JWJ_0644 JWJ_0650 JWJ_0665 JWJ_0668 JWJ_0682 copy JWJ_0684 JWJ_0693 JWJ_0700 JWJ_0725 JWJ_0726 JWJ_0745 JWJ_0758 JWJ_0765 JWJ_0776 JWJ_0793 JWJ_0812 copy JWJ_0831 copy JWJ_0833 JWJ_0849 JWJ_0866 JWJ_0867 JWJ_0877 JWJ_0901 JWJ_0905 JWJ_0906 JWJ_0920 copy vivi JWJ_0927 copy JWJ_0931 copy JWJ_0931 JWJ_0939 Vivian

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