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friends, my sincere apologies for being mia – it’s been a rough few weeks.

some of you may know that i have a little brother (and by little, i of course mean younger-in-age-but-hardly-little-by-anyone’s-standard). while i sometimes convince myself i could still totally whoop his butt, i know deep down in my heart of hearts that this West Point grad could totally take me down. with only his pinky finger.


attractive, aren’t we? in any case, i digress.

i’ve been distracted and out of state because two weeks ago one of my brother’s best friends and roommate for two years at West Point, Chris, died. it came as a huge shock for all of us. i had only met him three short years ago for their graduation from West Point, but i knew immediately why he was one of the best friends my brother had – funny, charming, genuine, dedicated. a true friend, a devoted son, and a soldier through and through.

here Chris is with his parents, Grace and David, who are two of the proudest parents and some of the most truly lovely, genuine, loving people i’ve ever met.

rogan family

so, this past tuesday i rented a car and drove down to NJ/NY to pick up a my brother, Jon, his wife, Iassica, and one of our friends, Joe, who was/is a brother-in-arms to Chris and Jon both. after only meeting him for that one week i felt slightly out of place in a room of people who served and lived and loved Chris so fiercely . but, my sensitive heart was breaking for them all as they came to grips with the reality of never again seeing Chris in this life. the service/burial was heart-wrenchingly beautiful as we mourned the loss of a cherished friend/son/soldier, celebrated his life, and committed his spirit to our Lord.

i took this photo three years ago when wandering through the West Point cemetery, always hoping i would never have reason to reference the deeply moving and beautiful inscription. life is fleeting dear friends. this Easter season, and every day in-between, let us rest in the hope of the resurrection and for the duration of this life let us be sure to keep our loved ones close in heart and prayer.



  1. Debora Bass
    March 25, 2013

    Beautiful! Catie, I am so proud of you! Pops and I wished we could have been there also, but know we were there in our hearts. Chris was dearly loved and will be forever missed!

    Hugs, Mum

  2. Jon B
    March 26, 2013

    Well said, sister.
    Thank you for this. I haven’t captured my thoughts and emotions from the past couple weeks, but you speak the truth that Chris’ death should point us to Christ as our only hope for peace in this life and the life to come.
    And thank you for sharing the sorrow of Chris’ death and the celebration of his short life. You were by no means out of place, rather a comfort to the friends and family of Chris and a testament to the fact that only a small time with him could leave a lasting impression because of his genuine personality, dependable friendship, and honorable character.
    Reflecting on Christ,

  3. Grace Rogan
    March 26, 2013

    Dearest Catie ~

    Thank you. Words can’t express our gratitude to you.

    Love and Peace Always,



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