three boys and their mama

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boysdanny d

welcome to my little slice of  joy. i try to make it out to texas a few times a year to see my sister, her husband, and their 3 boys. it’s always an awesome time full of late night chats over margaritas, belting out rock band tunes, and full-on tickle fights (aunt catie is going to be losing these pretty soon…).  as you can see from the following, my sister, rachel, is one hot mama. she’s not only in incredibly shape, but is a fantastic mom to her crew of boys, laughing her way through their little boy jokes, giggles, farts, and legos. i for one, cannot get enough of them all!

rach and fam JWJ_1552dd JWJ_1584 JWJ_1586 JWJ_1588

i cannot tell you how much i love this face…boysisaac JWJ_1594 JWJ_1599 JWJ_1606rach JWJ_1630 JWJ_1633 JWJ_1638 JWJ_1640

these three…i love them dearly but they cannot get a “natural” smile to save their lives when they’re asked to sit for a few shots!JWJ_1650 JWJ_1655 JWJ_1663 JWJ_1676 JWJ_1698 JWJ_1699

i so love this one! JWJ_1700aaron JWJ_1706 JWJ_1708 JWJ_1709

I could see this sweet face every day and never grow tired of his gorgeous grin.JWJ_1713

i think i burst out laughing when i first saw this – seesawing is a serious pursuit!JWJ_1737 JWJ_1739 JWJ_1740 JWJ_1742 JWJ_1748 JWJ_1750 JWJ_1751 JWJ_1755 JWJ_1758 JWJ_1759 JWJ_1760

pudgy feet and curly hair. does it get any sweeter?JWJ_1770 JWJ_1775 JWJ_1778 JWJ_1779 JWJ_1783 JWJ_1787

i told her to stand next to the tree…JWJ_1790 JWJ_1796 copy 2 JWJ_1796 copy

it was unbelievable just how her eyes seemed to glow! no retouching needed 🙂
JWJ_1797 JWJ_1801 JWJ_1810 JWJ_1819 JWJ_1823 JWJ_1831 JWJ_1840

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