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Meet the Taylors. These two met, fell in love, married, and unexpectedly, wee Eveie arrived 9 months later. Now 3 years on both Kari and Josh are madly in love with their beautiful surprise and expecting another bundle later this year. I am so overjoyed to see your baby girl growing up – I can’t believe she’s already 3! She has the sass and poise of someone beyond her years and is going to make a brilliant big sis. My love to you all.JWJ_0020 JWJ_0027 JWJ_0042 JWJ_0049 JWJ_0050 JWJ_0066 JWJ_0079 JWJ_0081 JWJ_0097 JWJ_0098 JWJ_0105 JWJ_0108 JWJ_0118 JWJ_0132 JWJ_0146 JWJ_0147 JWJ_0151 copy JWJ_0151 JWJ_0154 JWJ_0167 JWJ_0203 JWJ_0222 JWJ_0230 JWJ_0232 JWJ_0239 JWJ_0272 JWJ_0278 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0303 JWJ_0311 JWJ_0326 JWJ_0365 JWJ_0376 JWJ_0377 JWJ_0400 JWJ_0403 JWJ_0407 JWJ_0411 JWJ_0425 JWJ_0433 JWJ_0444 JWJ_0453 JWJ_0455 JWJ_0470 JWJ_0479 JWJ_0483 JWJ_0502 JWJ_0504 JWJ_0515 JWJ_0520 JWJ_0527 JWJ_0531 JWJ_0552 JWJ_0558 JWJ_0573 JWJ_0593 JWJ_0605 Taylors Taylors

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  1. Laurie Miller
    May 15, 2014

    These pictures are awesome. Y’all make a beautiful family.


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