susan + drew

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drew and susan

I am so so so so soooo very excited to show you all these photos. Susan and Drew are some of the most genuine, caring, compassionate people I know and their love for each other is truly inspirational. After having to reschedule our session due to a back injury on my part and a rainy, wet day, we hit the jackpot of all fall days – a beautiful Saturday afternoon in November where the temperature was in the 50s. Thank you both for making me laugh and for not only being so much fun to be with, but being so dang photogenic to boot! Love you both and hope you all love these…(can you find their “Blue Steel” faces?)

JWJ_0009 JWJ_0017 JWJ_0024 JWJ_0027 JWJ_0031 JWJ_0039 JWJ_0044 JWJ_0050 JWJ_0053 JWJ_0054 JWJ_0057 JWJ_0063 JWJ_0072 JWJ_0076 JWJ_0082 JWJ_0086 JWJ_0097 JWJ_0110 JWJ_0114 JWJ_0119 JWJ_0121 JWJ_0122 susan and drew JWJ_0163 JWJ_0172 JWJ_0173 susan and drew JWJ_0184 JWJ_0189 JWJ_0206 JWJ_0210 JWJ_0216 JWJ_0218 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0230 JWJ_0238 JWJ_0248 JWJ_0249 JWJ_0265 JWJ_0267 JWJ_0275 JWJ_0281 JWJ_0284 JWJ_0289 JWJ_0293 JWJ_0312 JWJ_0313 JWJ_0314 JWJ_0327 JWJ_0339 JWJ_0349 JWJ_0352 JWJ_0360 JWJ_0365 JWJ_0371 JWJ_0395 JWJ_0408 JWJ_0414 JWJ_0421 JWJ_0426 copy JWJ_0426 JWJ_0432 JWJ_0439 JWJ_0472 JWJ_0479 JWJ_0481 JWJ_0484 JWJ_0488 JWJ_0498 JWJ_0503 JWJ_0508 JWJ_0511 JWJ_0514 JWJ_0519 JWJ_0534 JWJ_0526 JWJ_0548 JWJ_0557 JWJ_0559 JWJ_0560 JWJ_0566 JWJ_0577 JWJ_0580 JWJ_0582 JWJ_0588 JWJ_0589 JWJ_0595 JWJ_0597 JWJ_0598 susan and drew JWJ_0612 JWJ_0615 JWJ_0626 JWJ_0628 JWJ_0641 JWJ_0656 JWJ_0658 JWJ_0664 JWJ_0680 JWJ_0705 JWJ_0721 copy JWJ_0727 JWJ_0733 JWJ_0739 JWJ_0742 JWJ_0748 JWJ_0750 JWJ_0751 JWJ_0763 JWJ_0772 JWJ_0773 JWJ_0775 JWJ_0786 JWJ_0797 JWJ_0805 JWJ_0807 JWJ_0810 JWJ_0812 JWJ_0823 JWJ_0817 drew and susan JWJ_0836 JWJ_0843 JWJ_0846 JWJ_0859 JWJ_0867 JWJ_0912 JWJ_0882 JWJ_0933 copy JWJ_0958 susan and drew

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  1. Jennifer
    December 11, 2013

    Good grief, Cate! These are stunning! Might I just say that I am extremely jealous that it wasn’t Jacob and I, in that exact same location, at that time of day, with you as a photographer, there getting our pictures taken? These turned out just lovely. Susan and drew both looked beautiful! 🙂


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