robert + katie

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katie and robert

When I got the message from Katie that she and Robert wanted me to do their engagement photos I was beyond excited. As you’ll see from the following photos, these two are not only beautiful human beings, but love each other dearly and are so very, very excited about their upcoming married life together. It was a beautiful, snowy evening as we stole an hour before dusk to snap these photos at the location of their first date. The day was blessedly “warm” (read, 40 degrees), the sun cast a perfect glow, and these two were kindly up to shedding their coats for a few frames (I did give them a blanket to cuddle under…). ┬áThank you Robert and Katie for allowing me to capture these moments for you – I hope you love them! xo

JWJ_0016 JWJ_0021 JWJ_0027 copy JWJ_0035 JWJ_0056 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0067 JWJ_0092 JWJ_0102 JWJ_0112 JWJ_0116 JWJ_0123 JWJ_0129 JWJ_0138 JWJ_0162 JWJ_0164 JWJ_0148 JWJ_0197 JWJ_0205 JWJ_0218 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0251 JWJ_0252 JWJ_0273 JWJ_0279 JWJ_0285 JWJ_0289 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0329 JWJ_0346 JWJ_0350 JWJ_0354 JWJ_0355 JWJ_0374 JWJ_0381 JWJ_0384 JWJ_0400 JWJ_0401 JWJ_0411 JWJ_0427 JWJ_0431 JWJ_0441 JWJ_0443 JWJ_0460 JWJ_0470 JWJ_0472 JWJ_0483 JWJ_0486 JWJ_0491 JWJ_0494 JWJ_0504 JWJ_0510 JWJ_0526 JWJ_0528 JWJ_0542 JWJ_0547 JWJ_0558 JWJ_0564 JWJ_0586 JWJ_0575 JWJ_0590 JWJ_0610 JWJ_0626 JWJ_0628 JWJ_0629 JWJ_0633 JWJ_0636 JWJ_0638 JWJ_0640 katie and robertJWJ_0666 JWJ_0674 JWJ_0678 JWJ_0680 JWJ_0683 JWJ_0688 JWJ_0691 JWJ_0701 JWJ_0705 JWJ_0714 JWJ_0722 JWJ_0725 JWJ_0749 JWJ_0742 JWJ_0758 JWJ_0763 JWJ_0784 JWJ_0790 JWJ_0792 JWJ_0794 JWJ_0795 JWJ_0806 JWJ_0841 JWJ_0844 JWJ_0860 robert and katie JWJ_0876 JWJ_0891 JWJ_0899 JWJ_0903 JWJ_0912JWJ_0863 robert & katie

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