rebecca + tony

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tony and rebeccaIt was a snowy but beautifully sunny afternoon in February when I met up with Tony and Rebecca to take their engagement photos. These two were not only so much fun to photograph, but were also absolute champs as they fearlessly agreed to take a couple of winter picnic shots in the 3 foot drifts…Thank you, Rebecca and Tony for the honor of capturing such a joyous time. You two are beautiful souls and I am so excited for you 🙂



JWJ_0048 JWJ_0055 JWJ_0058 JWJ_0062 JWJ_0104 JWJ_0119 JWJ_0124 JWJ_0127 JWJ_0130 JWJ_0134rebecca JWJ_0146tony & rebecca JWJ_0150 JWJ_0160 JWJ_0167 JWJ_0177 JWJ_0178 JWJ_0184 JWJ_0187 JWJ_0189 JWJ_0199 JWJ_0203 JWJ_0209 JWJ_0211 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0230 JWJ_0239 JWJ_0249 JWJ_0254_1 JWJ_0254 JWJ_0257 JWJ_0261 JWJ_0267 JWJ_0276 JWJ_0298 JWJ_0308 JWJ_0311 JWJ_0328 JWJ_0334 JWJ_0338 JWJ_0340 JWJ_0346 JWJ_0347 JWJ_0348 JWJ_0352 JWJ_0357 JWJ_0373 JWJ_0388 JWJ_0413 JWJ_0419 JWJ_0436 JWJ_0442 JWJ_0453 JWJ_0457 JWJ_0486 JWJ_0489 JWJ_0492 JWJ_0493 JWJ_0497 JWJ_0500 JWJ_0522 JWJ_0540 copy tony and rebecca JWJ_0545 JWJ_0557 JWJ_0563 JWJ_0577 copy JWJ_0582 JWJ_0591 JWJ_0614 tony and rebecca

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