vivi is 6 months


This gorgeous wee girl is now 6 months old! I had the honor of photographing her as a newborn and I love watching her grow! This little family is about as photogenic as they come and so much fun. Here’s to you baby girl!

CJP_0061CJP_0100CJP_0101CJP_0102CJP_0103CJP_0137CJP_0182CJP_0201CJP_0212CJP_0229CJP_0237CJP_0253CJP_0268CJP_0275CJP_0278CJP_0322CJP_0331CJP_0336CJP_0380CJP_0434CJP_0513 copyCJP_0513CJP_0608CJP_0615CJP_0627CJP_0637CJP_0656CJP_0679CJP_0691CJP_0720CJP_0736CJP_0747CJP_0760CJP_0777CJP_0819CJP_0838CJP_0852CJP_0862

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