rowan’s fresh 48

After what I anticipated being a fairly routine 38 week appointment, my doctor sent me for a non stress test at our hospital as she felt I was measuring several weeks small and wanted to be sure I wasn’t leaking fluid and that our little guy was safe and snug. I called my mother-in-law who was watching Hannah, and let her know I would be home a little later than planned but that I wasn’t worried because I just seem to carry smaller than many women. I even excitedly told her  that my doctor would help encourage labor by 40 weeks since Chris was due to possibly go to a conference just a week after our due date. Well, long story short, by 3:30pm I was still at the hospital and was dilated to 3.5 cm, Chris arrived at 5:30pm, and Rowan showed up not even 3 hours later at 8:14pm! He was utterly adorable and healthy and my heart did indeed expand to love him just like his big sister. So here he is, all 6 lbs 4 ounces of fresh skin and wrinkly footed perfection. 
Rowan Fresh 48

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