This is my beautiful friend, Jennifer. Jen wanted some photos for her blog (the daily doss) so we set out one beautiful day and wandered around Boston’s picturesque Beacon Hill. I absolutely loved taking her pictures and she made it so easy! Hope you love these as much as I do.

jen JWJ_0905 JWJ_0902 JWJ_0898jen 4j.Jen - 5JWJ_0955 JWJ_1034 JWJ_1066 JWJ_1105 JWJ_1113 JWJ_1134 JWJ_1154 jen 3 JWJ_1247 jen 2JWJ_1265 jen 1 JWJ_1360 JWJ_1367 JWJ_1368 JWJ_1381 JWJ_1393 JWJ_1396 JWJ_1401 JWJ_1446 JWJ_1467 JWJ_1519

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