I met up with this sweet family one gray morning in December to photograph their four darling girls with a special focus on their newest arrival, Henrietta. They are one of the kindest most genuine families I have ever met and I simply adore them.

CJP_0114 CJP_0124 CJP_0146CJP_0173 CJP_0274 CJP_0313 CJP_0320 CJP_0355 CJP_0382 CJP_0410 CJP_0496 CJP_0600 CJP_0652 CJP_0675 CJP_0684 CJP_0716 CJP_0778 CJP_0798 CJP_0808 CJP_0813 CJP_0827 henrietta CJP_0901 CJP_0906 CJP_0911 CJP_0916 CJP_0931 CJP_0934 Baby Henrietta

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