hedge family


My assistant Marian, and I had SO much fun with this family. The boys just stole my heart with their gorgeous brown eyes and little rascally personalities. We laughed so much as we played with them and their parents were so chill and easy. As you’ll see, mommy is simply breath-taking, and they clearly adore both her and daddy. We even had a brief visit with the boys’ auntie and uncle! 🙂 Thank you Roshni, for sharing your handsome boys with us. Hope you love your images!

CJP_0022CJP_0027CJP_0058 copyhegde familyCJP_0079CJP_0114CJP_0148CJP_0181CJP_0194

Arhaan, you are such a little poser! 😀CJP_0241CJP_0283

Roshni wanted to be sure to get some images of just she and Sandesh. I’m so glad she did, because I think getting shots of just mom and dad is sooo vital! Aren’t they stunning?CJP_0315CJP_0320CJP_0339CJP_0365CJP_0372CJP_0390CJP_0396CJP_0408CJP_0418CJP_0424CJP_0442

Mommy and her firstborn. Hits you in all the feels.CJP_0453CJP_0457CJP_0034 copyCJP_0053CJP_0080CJP_0098CJP_0122CJP_0138hegde family

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