Baby Bodhi

I loved everything about this session…from the relaxed vibes, to Nori’s excitement over being a big sis, to sweet, tiny little Bodhi’s exquisite details. There is such genuine warmth, joy, and happiness in this family of four and I couldn’t have been happier to document an afternoon of their lives with their newest addition. Rushmie was one of the very first people to push me to get this website going and to take business to another level. I’ll forever be indebted to you dear friend and thankful for your encouragement, passion, and artist’s heart. Much love xo CJP_0008CJP_0047CJP_0066CJP_0053CJP_0086CJP_0092 copyCJP_0107CJP_0113CJP_0115CJP_0127CJP_0133CJP_0153CJP_0167 copyCJP_0183CJP_0209CJP_0236CJP_0237CJP_0272CJP_0284CJP_0290CJP_0297CJP_0327CJP_0337 copyCJP_0350CJP_0364CJP_0371CJP_0378CJP_0385CJP_0388CJP_0398CJP_0405CJP_0417CJP_0425CJP_0430CJP_0441CJP_0452CJP_0466CJP_0473CJP_0476CJP_0480CJP_0498CJP_0511CJP_0523CJP_0534CJP_0538CJP_0547CJP_0549CJP_0559baby bodhi

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