baby blythe

This darling little girl was pure sugar and spice. At nearly a month old, she was older than most newborns I photograph, but she was a rockstar! After getting her into a milk coma and keeping that heater close by, she conked out completely and allowed for a number of sweet little shots. I had such a hard time choosing which images to share with you, so enjoy a lot! This may be my favorite newborn session to date, and I hope you can see why. Sweet Blythe, you are adored and cherished and I can’t wait to see you in a few months for your six month session!CJP_0045CJP_0050CJP_0062CJP_0066CJP_0073CJP_0076CJP_0087CJP_0090CJP_0115CJP_0127CJP_0135CJP_0150CJP_0154

Love this big yawn of hers!

Mommy’s first “baby” Ferdinand wanted in on the attention too…


Ferdi. You are just too.much.cuteness.CJP_0232CJP_0244CJP_0250

Mommy and daddy were both swimmers in college, so these shots need to happen 😉CJP_0256CJP_0264CJP_0282CJP_0300 copyCJP_0313CJP_0329CJP_0331 copyCJP_0335CJP_0341CJP_0350CJP_0378CJP_0387CJP_0403CJP_0411CJP_0437baby blytheCJP_0445CJP_0462CJP_0468baby blythe

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