baby bird

This wee, gorgeous little girl is Birdie. Her mummy and daddy were over the moon by her arrival and I was so honored to spend a morning documenting their new family. Can you tell how much I adored her yummy feet?

JWJ_0008 JWJ_0009 JWJ_0022 JWJ_0031 JWJ_0049 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0109 JWJ_0114 JWJ_0152 JWJ_0154 JWJ_0171 JWJ_0173 baby birdieJWJ_0204 JWJ_0224 JWJ_0226 JWJ_0229 JWJ_0232 JWJ_0236 copy JWJ_0303 JWJ_0324 JWJ_0336 JWJ_0356 JWJ_0382 copy JWJ_0456 JWJ_0527 copy JWJ_0535 JWJ_0537 JWJ_0541 JWJ_0555 JWJ_0682 JWJ_0685 JWJ_0690 JWJ_0702 JWJ_0706 copy JWJ_0728 JWJ_0732 baby birdie JWJ_0766 JWJ_0778 JWJ_0915 JWJ_0928 copy baby birdie

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