bass family

I’m not even going to apologize for the sheer number of photos in this post. 😀 I think you’ll see why…these are the first “family portrait” shots taken after my brother’s homecoming from deployment in the Middle East. You can find those photos here. These are long overdue to my patient and understanding sister-in-law! We had so much fun taking these relaxed shots over the course of a few days; Jon battling through his severe jetlag, simply relishing the feel of his wife and baby daughter in his arms; Iassica soaking in the sight and sound of him holding their precious girl, who, as you can see, already adores her daddy. Keep smiling dear ones and rejoice in your beautiful family.


While editing these next few shots, there was something about Jon in his simple white t-shirt and the way he’s smiling and standing that reminded me so strongly of our  Grandpa Bass – it quite literally took my breath away. I wish I had a comparison photo to show you, but I do know that our Grandpa would have doted on wee Eleanor and cherished her the same way he did us. I love that he lives on through his grandson.JWJ_0192 JWJ_0196 JWJ_0198 JWJ_0203 JWJ_0205 JWJ_0212 JWJ_0219 copy JWJ_0225 JWJ_0271 JWJ_0326 JWJ_0331 JWJ_0367 JWJ_0369 JWJ_0378 JWJ_0398 copy JWJ_0440 copy Bass Family JWJ_0031 JWJ_0082 copy JWJ_0100 JWJ_0105 copy JWJ_0111 JWJ_0113 JWJ_0115 JWJ_0136 copy

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