pre-wedding snapshots

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zach and leah

This summer Chris and I had the immense honor of being groomsman and bridesmaid in the wedding of our dear friends, Zach and Leah. I took Zach and Leah’s engagement photos which can be seen here, but on their wedding day it was a true joy to spend the day relaxing, primping and supporting these two as their friend. Of course though, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots as we got ready! From morning mimosas to a glorious garden, here you are…

zach and leah JWJ_0002 JWJ_0003 JWJ_0004 JWJ_0006 JWJ_0009 JWJ_0014 JWJ_0018 JWJ_0037 JWJ_0044 JWJ_0049 JWJ_0051 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0068 JWJ_0074 JWJ_0113 JWJ_0117 JWJ_0119 JWJ_0123 JWJ_0127 JWJ_0128 JWJ_0129 JWJ_0139 JWJ_0142 JWJ_0148 JWJ_0150 JWJ_0153 JWJ_0154 JWJ_0160 JWJ_0169 JWJ_0171 JWJ_0180 JWJ_0186 JWJ_0194 JWJ_0205 JWJ_0206 JWJ_0208 JWJ_0209 JWJ_0211 JWJ_0212 JWJ_0213 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0224 JWJ_0240 copy JWJ_0240 JWJ_0242 copy JWJ_0242 JWJ_0245 JWJ_0262 copy JWJ_0262 JWJ_0265 copy JWJ_0265 JWJ_0268 copy JWJ_0268 JWJ_0269 copy JWJ_0269 JWJ_0281 JWJ_0283 JWJ_0285 JWJ_0286 JWJ_0294 JWJ_0295 JWJ_0298 JWJ_0306


  1. Jennifer
    October 16, 2013

    Gorgeous, as always! I especially loved the aerial shot of the straws. How fun! Keep up the great work my talented friend!

  2. Jennifer
    October 16, 2013

    OH, and the picture with Leah and Zach just barely visible through the greenery is just stunning! By the way. 🙂


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