pete & grainne


These two lovely people are Pete and Grainne. They met through the History Department at BC where they were both working on getting their PhDs. A natural fit, I am so glad they’re engaged! They are a funny, warm, easy-going couple who make each other better people. Despite the nerves from being in front of the camera, they warmed right up and we had a lovely afternoon stroll through some of the Boston College grounds. The leaves were in full color and these two outshone them all! Thank you both for your laughter and for making my job a delight! Love you both! xCJP_0116 CJP_0119 CJP_0143 CJP_0161 CJP_0174 CJP_0195 CJP_0197 CJP_0203 CJP_0207 CJP_0224 CJP_0230 CJP_0249 CJP_0264 CJP_0267 CJP_0276 CJP_0292 CJP_0300 CJP_0319 CJP_0328 CJP_0333 CJP_0347 CJP_0358 CJP_0363 copy CJP_0367 CJP_0373 copy CJP_0380 CJP_0384 CJP_0385 copy CJP_0387 CJP_0396 CJP_0418 CJP_0428 CJP_0436 CJP_0447 CJP_0453 CJP_0459 CJP_0464 CJP_0481 CJP_0492 CJP_0527 CJP_0563 CJP_0566 CJP_0573 CJP_0577 CJP_0584 CJP_0587 CJP_0598 CJP_0614 CJP_0642 CJP_0654 CJP_0680 CJP_0691 CJP_0710 CJP_0714 CJP_0717 CJP_0747 CJP_0764 CJP_0790 CJP_0807 CJP_0810 Pete and Grainne

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