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you know that friend who’s never been afraid to tell you “no. absolutely not. that dress makes you look like a hoe. get back in that dressing room and never let me see you in it again.”? well, if you don’t, i suggest you get one. seriously.

jamine is that friend for me. we’ve known each other since the first week of high school (13 years ago!!) when she passed me a note basically saying, “you seem cool. your pasty whiteness sets off my mocha-colored-gorgeousness so well. we should totally be friends.” and i was like, “your 5-foot-petite frame is the perfect counterbalance to my gangly near-six-foot body. it’s meant to be.” after an awkward ( first hangout, we were practically inseparable. jamine has that awesome sass that hits you upside the head like whoa. she can come across as super quiet when you first meet her but watch out folks – her wicked fast wit will knock yo socks off. she’s been there for me through everything from fashion faux pas to bad boyfriends and crappy math classes to crimped hair (WHAT were we thinking?!).

midge,let’s get go for coffee with drew, eat pizza, walk through Washington Sq., and sip margaritas and pina coladas again soon. i love you and had so much fun with you in nyc! thanks to jamine’s brother, joe, and sister-in-law, drew, for being such amazing hosts!

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  1. Jennifer
    April 24, 2013

    Oh, I love Grimaldi’s! You got some great shots! I am looking forward to our little photo shoot! 🙂


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