murphy family

Murphy Family

This gorgeous family are the Murphys. I met them on a crisp fall day back in October when the leaves were starting to turn and the air was deliciously cool but not bitter yet (as it is now!). Little Jack was so much fun and such a wee character – all boy and such a bundle of energy! Thank you for letting me capture a little piece of your joy. xoCJP_0008 CJP_0063 CJP_0071 CJP_0098 CJP_0139 CJP_0183 CJP_0189 CJP_0212 CJP_0223 CJP_0228 CJP_0256 copy CJP_0263 CJP_0267 CJP_0294 copy CJP_0375 CJP_0415 CJP_0430 CJP_0461 CJP_0466 CJP_0474 CJP_0479 CJP_0552 CJP_0558 Murphy Family

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