logan turns one

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the traska family

This gorgeous wee man is now one! I had the chance to take mummy and daddy’s maternity photos (which can be seen here), as well as his newborn photos, which you can find here. It’s been so much fun to watch Logan grow – he is just the cutest and despite his serious demeanor during this shoot, has the biggest smiles. I just love this family and am honored every time to capture their love and life.

JWJ_0608 JWJ_0612 JWJ_0615 JWJ_0618 JWJ_0621 JWJ_0625 JWJ_0636 JWJ_0641 JWJ_0648 JWJ_0655 JWJ_0661 JWJ_0684 JWJ_0687 JWJ_0707 JWJ_0724 JWJ_0730 JWJ_0734 JWJ_0744 JWJ_0746 JWJ_0750 JWJ_0757 JWJ_0751 JWJ_0764 JWJ_0773 JWJ_0780 copy JWJ_0783 JWJ_0793 JWJ_0800 JWJ_0805 JWJ_0816 JWJ_0846 JWJ_0850 JWJ_0874 JWJ_0877 JWJ_0909 JWJ_0920 JWJ_0939 JWJ_0947 JWJ_0968 JWJ_0974 JWJ_0976 JWJ_0990 JWJ_1015 JWJ_1021 JWJ_1034 JWJ_1067 JWJ_1083 JWJ_1102 JWJ_1117 JWJ_1119 JWJ_1129 JWJ_1135 JWJ_1142 JWJ_1143 JWJ_1151 JWJ_1180 JWJ_1185 JWJ_1187 JWJ_1188 JWJ_1189 JWJ_1191 logan turns one

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  1. amanda
    November 19, 2013

    beautiful!!!! i love the B&W ones of the 3 of them on the steps… you’ve captured them beautifully, cate! 🙂


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