katie & dan


It was an overcast, but beautiful fall day when these two and I explored┬áBoston College’s Newton Campus for this session. Katie and Dan are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They are warm, gracious, funny, and have the best smiles!! And, after 2+ years of marriage, are more in love with each other now than ever before. Their love not only for each other, but for others, makes them a dream couple to photograph! Thank you both for letting me capture these moments! xoCJP_0029 CJP_0041 CJP_0045 CJP_0069 CJP_0084 CJP_0093 CJP_0096 CJP_0100 CJP_0102 CJP_0105 CJP_0109 CJP_0135 CJP_0143 CJP_0144 CJP_0186 CJP_0218 CJP_0228 CJP_0242 CJP_0245 CJP_0252 CJP_0263 CJP_0269 CJP_0281 CJP_0294 CJP_0313 CJP_0325 CJP_0329 CJP_0339 CJP_0362 CJP_0374 CJP_0381 CJP_0397 CJP_0406 Dileos CJP_0421 CJP_0428 CJP_0440 copy CJP_0479 CJP_0484 Katie and Dan

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