katey + ben

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katey & ben

Meet my beautiful sister-in-law and her boyfriend, Ben. 🙂 For Christmas my gift to her was a mini photo shoot for the two of them and I have to say, that considering we took these in no more than 20 minutes, I am so happy with the result! These two lovebirds are adorable and the sinking sun lit the scene beautifully. Thank you two for being so dang lovely and fun!

JWJ_0010 JWJ_0013 JWJ_0017 JWJ_0018 JWJ_0025 JWJ_0027 JWJ_0029 JWJ_0035 JWJ_0038 JWJ_0040 JWJ_0043 copy JWJ_0043 JWJ_0047 copy JWJ_0047 JWJ_0050 JWJ_0051 JWJ_0054 JWJ_0060 JWJ_0066 JWJ_0070 JWJ_0071 copy JWJ_0071 JWJ_0076 JWJ_0079 JWJ_0084 JWJ_0086 JWJ_0092 JWJ_0100 JWJ_0101 JWJ_0114 JWJ_0118 JWJ_0120 JWJ_0123 JWJ_0124 JWJ_0127 JWJ_0137 JWJ_0147 JWJ_0149 JWJ_0153 JWJ_0156 JWJ_0157 JWJ_0159 JWJ_0164 JWJ_0169 JWJ_0173 JWJ_0174 JWJ_0177 JWJ_0180 JWJ_0188 JWJ_0189 JWJ_0192 JWJ_0195 JWJ_0199 JWJ_0208 JWJ_0218 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0223 JWJ_0227 JWJ_0231 JWJ_0240 JWJ_0241 JWJ_0250 JWJ_0253 JWJ_0257 JWJ_0266 JWJ_0269 JWJ_0273 JWJ_0279 JWJ_0281 JWJ_0284 JWJ_0287 JWJ_0289 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0293 copy JWJ_0293 JWJ_0297 copy JWJ_0297 JWJ_0314 JWJ_0318 JWJ_0319 JWJ_0320_1 JWJ_0331 JWJ_0334 JWJ_0336 JWJ_0339 JWJ_0343 JWJ_0351 JWJ_0358

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