jesse + nicole

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nicole and jesse

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to narrow this session’s photos down for the blog…soooooo…you can thank me later for all the loveliness you see here. It’s always such a treat when friends’ hire me to photograph them and these two didn’t disappoint. We had so much fun laughing and joking as we walked around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir right before sunset. It was glorious and rich and wonderful. Thank you, Nicole and Jesse for the honor of capturing these moments – here’s to Boston living!

JWJ_0008 JWJ_0009 JWJ_0012 JWJ_0022 JWJ_0030 JWJ_0033 JWJ_0043 JWJ_0050 JWJ_0053 copy JWJ_0056 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0074 JWJ_0079 JWJ_0086 JWJ_0100 JWJ_0110 JWJ_0116 JWJ_0122 JWJ_0124 JWJ_0125 JWJ_0132 copy JWJ_0139 JWJ_0142 JWJ_0149 copy JWJ_0153 JWJ_0160 JWJ_0149 JWJ_0165 JWJ_0174 JWJ_0175 nicole JWJ_0189 copy JWJ_0189 JWJ_0192 JWJ_0197 JWJ_0198 JWJ_0201 JWJ_0203 JWJ_0206 JWJ_0222 JWJ_0266 JWJ_0280 JWJ_0285 JWJ_0296 JWJ_0311 JWJ_0324 JWJ_0346 JWJ_0350 JWJ_0369 JWJ_0377 JWJ_0381 JWJ_0389 JWJ_0390 JWJ_0398 JWJ_0418 JWJ_0429 JWJ_0437 JWJ_0438 JWJ_0442 JWJ_0446 copy JWJ_0448 JWJ_0455 JWJ_0456 JWJ_0465 JWJ_0477 JWJ_0481 nicole and jesseJWJ_0011 nicole and jesse JWJ_0492 jesse and nicoleJWJ_0159 JWJ_0162 jesse and nicolenicoleJWJ_0499 JWJ_0500 JWJ_0502 JWJ_0503 JWJ_0504 JWJ_0505 JWJ_0506 JWJ_0507 jesse and nicolenicole and jesse JWJ_0181 nicole and jesse nicole and jesse JWJ_0509 JWJ_0511 jesse and nicole

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