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this is my dear friend jennifer. you can visit jen over at her blog, the daily doss, which always makes my heart happy. jen and i spent a lovely day together wandering through boston’s beacon hill area, taking pictures of each other, smelling peonies, and adoring boutique shops. jen is one of the sweetest people i know and i am so blessed to call her friend. isn’t she so stinkin’ gorgeous?

JWJ_0910 copy JWJ_0910 jen JWJ_0902 JWJ_0898Jen - 5j. JWJ_0920 copyjenjen 4

JWJ_0954 JWJ_1002 JWJ_1022 JWJ_1030 JWJ_1066 JWJ_1080 JWJ_1083JWJ_1099

JWJ_1100 JWJ_1102 JWJ_1105 JWJ_1110 JWJ_1112 JWJ_1113 JWJ_1114 JWJ_1116 JWJ_1117 JWJ_1129 JWJ_1130 JWJ_1134 JWJ_1137 JWJ_1143 JWJ_1150 JWJ_1154 JWJ_1156 JWJ_1166 JWJ_1175 JWJ_1168 JWJ_1179 JWJ_1194 JWJ_1195jen 3 JWJ_1211 JWJ_1232 JWJ_1236 JWJ_1247jen 2

JWJ_1265 JWJ_1282 JWJ_1290jen 1 JWJ_1296 JWJ_1306 JWJ_1315 JWJ_1327 JWJ_1331 JWJ_1333 JWJ_1346 JWJ_1349 JWJ_1353 JWJ_1355 JWJ_1358 JWJ_1360 JWJ_1367 JWJ_1368 JWJ_1373 JWJ_1377 JWJ_1381 JWJ_1391 JWJ_1392 JWJ_1393 JWJ_1396 JWJ_1398 JWJ_1401 JWJ_1402 JWJ_1413 JWJ_1432 JWJ_1436

JWJ_1437 JWJ_1440 JWJ_1479 JWJ_1471 JWJ_1467 JWJ_1464 JWJ_1458 JWJ_1446

JWJ_1487 JWJ_1497 JWJ_1531 jen

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  1. Jennifer
    June 21, 2013

    Thanks so much, Cate! You are a wonderful photographer. It’s great having such a talented friend! 🙂 Love you!


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