james turns one

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This wee family was so much fun to photograph! It started raining right before our session but we decided to go ahead anyways and right as we got to our location, Castle Island, it miraculously stopped! We braved the wind and cold and managed to get some great shots in before the rain started again. Little James is a cheeky chap who just turned one and his lovely mummy and daddy are simply enamored – I mean, how could you not be, right?! Thank you for being simply wonderful!

JWJ_0237 JWJ_0247 JWJ_0250 JWJ_0256 JWJ_0270 JWJ_0276 JWJ_0283 JWJ_0290 JWJ_0299 JWJ_0330 JWJ_0366 JWJ_0384 JWJ_0400 JWJ_0409 JWJ_0413_1 JWJ_0418 JWJ_0421 JWJ_0430 JWJ_0442 JWJ_0444 JWJ_0451 JWJ_0454 JWJ_0456 JWJ_0458 JWJ_0464 JWJ_0466 copy JWJ_0476 JWJ_0483 JWJ_0489 JWJ_0494 JWJ_0491 JWJ_0514 JWJ_0524 JWJ_0530 JWJ_0539 JWJ_0536 JWJ_0541 JWJ_0542 JWJ_0546 JWJ_0563 JWJ_0564 JWJ_0572 JWJ_0597 JWJ_0632 JWJ_0648 JWJ_0683 JWJ_0692 JWJ_0699 JWJ_0706 james

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