iassica & jon

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jon & ias

i was going through the files on my desktop only to discover these photos from my trip to idaho back in june 2012 for my brother’s wedding. it was such an honour to be a part of their wedding and to welcome iassica as a sister. jon, ias, and i went out for lunch a few days before and i couldn’t resist snapping a few…

JWJ_0007 j&iJWJ_0010

here they are after their rehearsal. i could spend hours photography these two. so beautifully in love.

JWJ_0049 JWJ_0045 JWJ_0044 JWJ_0042 JWJ_0033 jon&iassica

the rehearsal dinner took place at iassica’s parents’ picturesque home in the foothills.

here’s my husband, chris, with my cousin cherish


my maternal grandparents are just adorable. love, love, love them!

JWJ_0063 JWJ_0059 JWJ_0058

family, friends, and love all around!


JWJ_0066 family JWJ_0106 JWJ_0134 JWJ_0139 JWJ_0129 friends

my mum with jon.


chris and jon – two of the best men i know.

JWJ_0089 c, j, c JWJ_0094 JWJ_0092 JWJ_0090

and finally, the bride herself! gorgeous isn’t she?





  1. Debbie Friedel
    March 27, 2013

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! The picture of Brittany doing flowers is the only one of its kind I have seen. I didn’t know anyone had taken a picture of all those gorgeous flowers and that sassy hard worker. Is it possible to get a copy of it?

    • Cate Jones
      March 28, 2013

      Hi Debbie! I can absolutely send you a copy. 🙂 Brittany was amazing, wasn’t she?!


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