Harris Family

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JWJ_0003 harris family

Meet some of my favorite people in the whole world! My sister and her family of four adorably, rowdy boys steal my heart every time. I know I’m not just being biased when I say that they are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen. 🙂 They humored me with taking their family pics one sweltering, Texas evening. The mosquitoes were out in full force so we raced through this session in about 20 minutes or less before heading to the cool respite of Orange Leaf for a much needed frozen yogurt. I love how very different each of these boys are and love seeing their unique personalities come to life through the camera! Love you all xo

harris familyJWJ_0048JWJ_0042JWJ_0010danielJWJ_0008isaacJWJ_0065 JWJ_0069

Cheeky grin…JWJ_0070 JWJ_0073 JWJ_0075 JWJ_0076

My stunning sister…and that light!JWJ_0083

JWJ_0088 JWJ_0096 JWJ_0099 JWJ_0105 JWJ_0114 JWJ_0122 JWJ_0129 JWJ_0145 JWJ_0146 JWJ_0151 JWJ_0153

I could photograph this curly head all day long…JWJ_0155 JWJ_0159 JWJ_0162

Daniel really, really just wanted to play on the playground…boys JWJ_0197 copy JWJ_0198 JWJ_0206

His “I’m about to make mischief face”:JWJ_0207 JWJ_0208 JWJ_0215 JWJ_0216 JWJ_0217

He just wanted to hold his baby so badly…JWJ_0219 JWJ_0223 JWJ_0229 JWJ_0244 JWJ_0248 JWJ_0250 2 JWJ_0252 JWJ_0272 JWJ_0278 JWJ_0287 JWJ_0312 JWJ_0315 JWJ_0317 JWJ_0320 copy JWJ_0320 JWJ_0326 JWJ_0344

Those tears! Oh the pain…
JWJ_0345 copy JWJ_0345 JWJ_0347 JWJ_0348 JWJ_0351 JWJ_0357 JWJ_0360 JWJ_0365

Micah is just the sweetest low-key baby and you can’t NOT kiss him!
JWJ_0374 JWJ_0382 JWJ_0384 JWJ_0386 copy JWJ_0386 JWJ_0390 JWJ_0396 copy JWJ_0396 JWJ_0403

This kid is truly happiest when eating. He ate more than everyone and still asked to eat when we got home… 🙂JWJ_0413 JWJ_0418 JWJ_0432 JWJ_0435 JWJ_0436 JWJ_0440 JWJ_0444 JWJ_0450 JWJ_0451

Aaron won for the most disgusting flavor combination: cake batter, tart lemon, mint chocolate chip, and pineapple. Don’t worry, neither he nor Daniel had a discerning palette…JWJ_0452 JWJ_0458 JWJ_0463 JWJ_0465 JWJ_0468 JWJ_0474 JWJ_0475 JWJ_0476 JWJ_0481 JWJ_0489 JWJ_0495 JWJ_0500 JWJ_0506daniel JWJ_0509 JWJ_0512 JWJ_0517 JWJ_0519 JWJ_0522 JWJ_0525 JWJ_0526 JWJ_0528

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  1. Iassica
    June 11, 2014

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Oh my!! I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you at Christmas! Hugs 🙂


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