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Gabe the babe

I met this lovely little family the other week on a gorgeous, sunny, spring morning. Gabe was just waking up from a nap when they arrived, but quickly came out of his sleepy shell when he realized just how much grass and gravel, rocks and sticks there were to play with. Thank you, Emily and Josh for sharing your morning with me and for the honor of capturing your little boy’s one-year photos! JWJ_0008Gabe JWJ_0013 JWJ_0034 JWJ_0038 JWJ_0059 JWJ_0074 JWJ_0086 JWJ_0090 JWJ_0094 JWJ_0098Gabe JWJ_0103 JWJ_0109 JWJ_0146 JWJ_0148 JWJ_0154 JWJ_0155 JWJ_0161 JWJ_0175 JWJ_0177 JWJ_0190 JWJ_0200 JWJ_0209 JWJ_0213 JWJ_0215 JWJ_0234 copy JWJ_0234 JWJ_0242 JWJ_0244 JWJ_0255 JWJ_0272 JWJ_0348 JWJ_0351 JWJ_0352 JWJ_0367 GabeJWJ_0378 JWJ_0384 JWJ_0404 JWJ_0409 JWJ_0422 JWJ_0423 JWJ_0444JWJ_0451 Emily & Josh JWJ_0454_1 JWJ_0458_1 JWJ_0463_1 JWJ_0466 JWJ_0469 JWJ_0472 JWJ_0475 JWJ_0474 JWJ_0488 JWJ_0501 JWJ_0513 JWJ_0572 JWJ_0577Gabe JWJ_0610 JWJ_0622 JWJ_0637 JWJ_0669 JWJ_0674 JWJ_0688 JWJ_0698 Gabe

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