franses family

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I was so delighted to photograph this absolutely darling family. These boys were so full of laughs, giggles, and rambunctious energy that the session flew right by. I had so much fun and could have kept photographing them for ages  – I mean, just look at their eyes! Such handsome wee lads! Thank you for letting me into your lives to capture these moments.

JWJ_0009 JWJ_0014 JWJ_0018 JWJ_0025 JWJ_0028 JWJ_0029 JWJ_0039 JWJ_0050 JWJ_0054 JWJ_0069 JWJ_0084 JWJ_0097 JWJ_0099 JWJ_0100 JWJ_0111 JWJ_0129 JWJ_0141 JWJ_0142 JWJ_0143 JWJ_0149 JWJ_0208 JWJ_0215 JWJ_0234 JWJ_0242 JWJ_0247 JWJ_0268 JWJ_0279 JWJ_0283 JWJ_0286 JWJ_0287 JWJ_0292 JWJ_0305 JWJ_0334 JWJ_0341 JWJ_0352 franses familyfranses familyJWJ_0389 JWJ_0395 copy JWJ_0395 JWJ_0400 JWJ_0404 JWJ_0413 JWJ_0418 JWJ_0421 JWJ_0442 JWJ_0445 JWJ_0450 JWJ_0459 JWJ_0469 JWJ_0472 JWJ_0482 JWJ_0485 JWJ_0490 JWJ_0509 JWJ_0511 JWJ_0520 JWJ_0528 JWJ_0538 JWJ_0544 JWJ_0558 JWJ_0566 JWJ_0572 JWJ_0588 franses family

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