family christmas

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A little personal post to (finally!) wrap-up 2013. 🙂 Meet my extended family! You may have already met my beautiful sister-in-law and her fiance, Ben here. Aren’t they the cutest? We also snuck a few minutes in to get the following photos – a few group pictures, head shots for the Ma and Pa, cute couply photos of the two of them, and finally some of my awesomely talented brother-in-law, Steve (find his music, etc. here). So thankful for this family – I am incredibly blessed to love and be loved by them!

JWJ_0484 JWJ_0485 JWJ_0486 family 2013Family 2013 JWJ_0232 JWJ_0235 JWJ_0239 ma and pa JWJ_0462 JWJ_0456 JWJ_0454 JWJ_0447 JWJ_0440 JWJ_0439 JWJ_0437 JWJ_0424 JWJ_0244 JWJ_0246 JWJ_0249 JWJ_0264 JWJ_0269 JWJ_0277 JWJ_0280 JWJ_0290 JWJ_0297 JWJ_0298 JWJ_0299 JWJ_0302 JWJ_0303 JWJ_0304 JWJ_0305 JWJ_0306 JWJ_0307 JWJ_0312 JWJ_0319 JWJ_0324 JWJ_0329 JWJ_0334 JWJ_0339 JWJ_0351

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