eveie turns two

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these photos dear friends, are from eveie’s 2nd birthday. isn’t she adorable? she is such a sweet little friend and has a good dose of her mommy’s (awesome) southern sass. just a few shots from her party here – nothing i was “hired” to do – but loving it all the same.

JWJ_0115 JWJ_0120 JWJ_0123 JWJ_0128 JWJ_0137 JWJ_0143 JWJ_0144 JWJ_0152 JWJ_0164 JWJ_0171 JWJ_0172 JWJ_0179 JWJ_0190 JWJ_0191 JWJ_0194 JWJ_0199 JWJ_0204 JWJ_0207 JWJ_0224 JWJ_0233 JWJ_0237 JWJ_0244 JWJ_0248 JWJ_0250 JWJ_0255 JWJ_0256 JWJ_0257 JWJ_0273 JWJ_0281 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0306 JWJ_0308 JWJ_0310 JWJ_0313 JWJ_0316 JWJ_0321 JWJ_0326 JWJ_0342 JWJ_0344 JWJ_0353 JWJ_0364 JWJ_0367 JWJ_0370 JWJ_0374 JWJ_0377

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