ellen + brian

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They took me to one of their favorite spots along the Charles River where we strolled along the banks on a warm summer evening in June. Laughter and love flowed freely between these two as they told me about the first time he asked her out. They’d been friends for a while, boy liked girl, and the opportunity finally arose for him to ask her to see Star Trek, it would be, “like-a-date”, he said. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thank you Ellen and Brian for the honor of photographing your love, for the many laughs we shared, and Brian, for overcoming your dislike of PDA to capture these sweet moments. I am so excited for your future together and pray that the laughter and love only continues to multiply. JWJ_0037 JWJ_0057 JWJ_0065 JWJ_0078 JWJ_0094 JWJ_0105 JWJ_0125 JWJ_0126 JWJ_0144 JWJ_0160 JWJ_0177 JWJ_0178 JWJ_0179 JWJ_0186 JWJ_0211 JWJ_0213 JWJ_0220 JWJ_0246 JWJ_0262 JWJ_0269 JWJ_0281 JWJ_0288 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0302 copy JWJ_0341 JWJ_0343 copy JWJ_0351 JWJ_0359 JWJ_0410 JWJ_0415 JWJ_0427 JWJ_0433 JWJ_0447 JWJ_0469 JWJ_0471 JWJ_0482 JWJ_0483 JWJ_0489 JWJ_0493 JWJ_0497 JWJ_0500 JWJ_0504 JWJ_0509 JWJ_0528 JWJ_0534 JWJ_0553 JWJ_0563 JWJ_0568 copy JWJ_0568 JWJ_0587 JWJ_0594 JWJ_0599 JWJ_0601 JWJ_0606 JWJ_0608 JWJ_0614 JWJ_0618 JWJ_0629 Brian and Ellen JWJ_0647 JWJ_0656 JWJ_0660 JWJ_0665 JWJ_0670 JWJ_0672 JWJ_0681 JWJ_0690 JWJ_0692 JWJ_0705 JWJ_0708 JWJ_0716 copy JWJ_0736 JWJ_0748 JWJ_0773 JWJ_0777 JWJ_0782 JWJ_0794 JWJ_0796 JWJ_0799 JWJ_0803 JWJ_0804 JWJ_0811 JWJ_0817 JWJ_0826 JWJ_0829 JWJ_0839 copy JWJ_0862_1 JWJ_0865 JWJ_0878 JWJ_0886 JWJ_0892 JWJ_0913 JWJ_0915 JWJ_0931 JWJ_0943 JWJ_0977 copy ellen and brian

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