dunn family

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JWJ_0003 copy

Say hello to the beautiful Dunn family…I absolutely adored this session and these little girls even more! And their parents are just lovely too – so very warm and hospitable. We grabbed a couple of hours on what ended up being one of the coldest fall days, to snap a few shots and despite the frigid temperatures, we had a jolly time! Thank you for the honor of letting me taking these and for welcoming me into your home and family.

JWJ_0024 JWJ_0058 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0070 copy JWJ_0111 copy JWJ_0121 copy JWJ_0122 copy JWJ_0128 JWJ_0129 JWJ_0147 JWJ_0160 JWJ_0162 JWJ_0163 copy JWJ_0188 JWJ_0196 copy JWJ_0200 JWJ_0227 copy JWJ_0236 JWJ_0239 JWJ_0248 JWJ_0251 copy JWJ_0253 JWJ_0289 JWJ_0304 JWJ_0352 JWJ_0373 JWJ_0397 JWJ_0410 copy JWJ_0450 copy JWJ_0451 JWJ_0469 JWJ_0510 JWJ_0528 JWJ_0545 JWJ_0549 copy girls JWJ_0680 JWJ_0688 JWJ_0699 JWJ_0739 JWJ_0736 JWJ_0752 JWJ_0792 copy JWJ_0798 JWJ_0819 copy JWJ_0822 JWJ_0830 JWJ_0832 copy JWJ_0849 copy JWJ_0862 copy JWJ_0860 JWJ_0866 copy JWJ_0877 JWJ_0889 JWJ_0890 JWJ_0895 dunn family

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