disalvatore family


There are so many photos from this session to share with you – I just couldn’t choose any less! The lighting was perfect – slightly overcast – the family, even more wonderful – sweet, funny, energetic, and incredibly photogenic. And I just love how Katie styled each of them! Little Milo is one of the cutest little cherubs, and used to the camera since his mommy is frequently taking gorgeous photos of him. I hope you love this session as much as I do! xoCJP_0015 CJP_0034 CJP_0045 CJP_0050 CJP_0052 CJP_0056 CJP_0057 copy CJP_0059 CJP_0094 CJP_0095 CJP_0100 CJP_0117 CJP_0121 CJP_0142 copy CJP_0145 CJP_0150 CJP_0155 CJP_0164 CJP_0165 CJP_0173 CJP_0183 CJP_0202 CJP_0203 CJP_0205 CJP_0212 CJP_0220 copy CJP_0227 CJP_0232 CJP_0244 copy CJP_0247 CJP_0252 CJP_0296 CJP_0304 CJP_0346 CJP_0356 CJP_0402 CJP_0410 CJP_0415 CJP_0418 CJP_0435 CJP_0438 CJP_0442 CJP_0451 CJP_0501 CJP_0502 CJP_0509 CJP_0528 CJP_0529 CJP_0539 CJP_0541 CJP_0569 CJP_0573 CJP_0577 CJP_0584 CJP_0585 CJP_0592 CJP_0599 CJP_0607 CJP_0621 CJP_0629 CJP_0642 copy CJP_0642 CJP_0646 CJP_0655 CJP_0660 CJP_0672 CJP_0680 CJP_0685 CJP_0689 CJP_0697 CJP_0705 CJP_0715 CJP_0716 CJP_0726 CJP_0728 CJP_0731 CJP_0743 CJP_0755 CJP_0762 CJP_0764 CJP_0786 CJP_0787 CJP_0790 CJP_0792 CJP_0798 CJP_0804 CJP_0807 CJP_0822 CJP_0831 DiSalvatore Family

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