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kate and conor

I am so very excited to share this post with you all! Conor and Kate have been an integral part of our Boston family and were actually some of the first people I met upon arriving into Boston 3 (!) years ago. Conor is in the PhD program with Chris and Kate is a nurse – respect please! 🙂 We love these two dearly and it was such an honor to spend an hour photographing them. I loved how easily the laughs came and they were such naturals in front of the camera – and not to mention gorgeously photogenic! This was also the first time Chris came along on a shoot with me and I have to say, he made a terrific assistant! He even makes a cameo appearance! I hope these photos convey to you the beauty of our friends and the love that I have for them!

JWJ_0226_1 JWJ_0233 JWJ_0236 JWJ_0241 JWJ_0244 JWJ_0252 JWJ_0255 JWJ_0258 JWJ_0263 JWJ_0270 JWJ_0261 JWJ_0272 JWJ_0284 JWJ_0293 JWJ_0294 JWJ_0297 JWJ_0307 JWJ_0312 JWJ_0317 copy JWJ_0323 JWJ_0349 JWJ_0357 JWJ_0386 JWJ_0404 JWJ_0408 JWJ_0413 JWJ_0415 JWJ_0417 JWJ_0421 JWJ_0429 JWJ_0435 JWJ_0441 JWJ_0444 JWJ_0449 JWJ_0452 JWJ_0457 JWJ_0466 JWJ_0471 JWJ_0474 JWJ_0480 JWJ_0483 JWJ_0484 JWJ_0486 JWJ_0502 JWJ_0508 JWJ_0511 JWJ_0516 JWJ_0522 JWJ_0531 JWJ_0544 JWJ_0552 copy JWJ_0563 JWJ_0567 JWJ_0575 JWJ_0578 JWJ_0581 kate and conor JWJ_0590 JWJ_0591 Kate and Conor

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