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This sweet little boy is Carson; beloved son of Theresa and Brian and brother to Logan. He was anticipated with so much joy and didn’t disappoint! The spitting image of his brother, he was all wispy blonde hair and big blue eyes. Welcome to the world little one!JWJ_0548 JWJ_0549 JWJ_0566 copy JWJ_0568 JWJ_0570 JWJ_0574 JWJ_0575 JWJ_0584 JWJ_0589 JWJ_0616 JWJ_0619 JWJ_0620 JWJ_0629 JWJ_0647 JWJ_0649 copy JWJ_0652 JWJ_0654 JWJ_0657 JWJ_0663JWJ_0694 JWJ_0699 JWJ_0705 JWJ_0711

What a wee heartmelt!Carson
JWJ_0723 JWJ_0727 JWJ_0730 JWJ_0731 JWJ_0745 JWJ_0750 copy JWJ_0751 JWJ_0759 JWJ_0767 JWJ_0773

JWJ_0788 JWJ_0790 JWJ_0797

I couldn’t resist sharing this outtake – check out the choke hold Logan has on Carson!JWJ_0807 JWJ_0821 JWJ_0837 JWJ_0850 JWJ_0864 JWJ_0867

Theresa, you’re stunning!
JWJ_0886 JWJ_0889 JWJ_0890 JWJ_0891 JWJ_0892 JWJ_0898 JWJ_0900 JWJ_0905 JWJ_0925 JWJ_0929 JWJ_0931 JWJ_0932

Check out those blond lashes…!JWJ_0934 JWJ_0940 JWJ_0942 JWJ_0966 JWJ_0969 JWJ_0975 JWJ_1008 Carson

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