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Family Photos

Love my family! A few days after Christmas we ventured out to a local park just before dusk to capture these memories. Forgive me for the plethora of images about to assult you! Hope you understand – just too hard to narrow them down! It was the first time my grandparents had met my 3 youngest nephews and niece so it was extra special to get the above photo. Poor wee Daniel was utterly overwhelmed by the additional family members by this point (we were all in one house), so he wanted nothing to do with group photos – especially since the playground was beckoning…In any case, everyone rallied and I love the results! I have such a beautiful family, inside and out and I am so blessed to have them. (Chris and I snuck in some maternity photos, taken by my sister-in-law, Iassica, which I’ll share in a separate post!)

CJP_0014 CJP_0027_1
CJP_0041 CJP_0054 CJP_0057 CJP_0061 CJP_0067 CJP_0070 CJP_0072 CJP_0074 CJP_0080 CJP_0085 CJP_0090 CJP_0093 CJP_0095 CJP_0097 CJP_0105 CJP_0112 CJP_0128 CJP_0133 CJP_0148 CJP_0169 CJP_0174 CJP_0185 CJP_0190 CJP_0197 CJP_0203 CJP_0206 CJP_0208 CJP_0210 CJP_0218 CJP_0223 CJP_0240 CJP_0243 CJP_0251 CJP_0256 CJP_0264 CJP_0267 CJP_0272 CJP_0274 CJP_0277 CJP_0287 CJP_0289 CJP_0291 CJP_0293 CJP_0302 CJP_0309 CJP_0313 CJP_0319 CJP_0324 CJP_0331 CJP_0334 CJP_0336 CJP_0343 CJP_0348 CJP_0352 CJP_0355 CJP_0361 CJP_0362 CJP_0374 CJP_0375 CJP_0381 CJP_0387 CJP_0389 CJP_0392 CJP_0404 CJP_0405 CJP_0412 CJP_0418 CJP_0421 CJP_0424 CJP_0427 CJP_0431 CJP_0434 CJP_0436 CJP_0439 CJP_0442 CJP_0446 CJP_0453 CJP_0466 CJP_0474 CJP_0481 CJP_0482 CJP_0486 CJP_0488 CJP_0492 CJP_0497 CJP_0498 CJP_0499 CJP_0508 CJP_0525 CJP_0527 CJP_0528 CJP_0529 CJP_0531 CJP_0534 CJP_0536 CJP_0543 CJP_0547 CJP_0549 CJP_0557 CJP_0566 CJP_0569 CJP_0583 CJP_0600 CJP_0613 CJP_0614 CJP_0622 CJP_0629 CJP_0633 CJP_0636 CJP_0638 CJP_0640 CJP_0648 CJP_0650 CJP_0657 CJP_0659 CJP_0660 CJP_0662 CJP_0669 CJP_0674 CJP_0680 CJP_0684

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