baby henrietta makes six

dunn family

This adorable family has so much love, energy, and genuine warmth. I could photograph them every week! Their newest addition, Henrietta, joins three big sisters who completely adore her. Sweet girl is going to have 4 mummies! At just over a month old, she was a little rockstar, passed from sister to sister to finally close out the session in the calming embrace of her beautiful mama. xoCJP_0027 CJP_0052 CJP_0059 CJP_0112 CJP_0114 CJP_0124 CJP_0129 CJP_0146 CJP_0157 CJP_0171 copy CJP_0173 CJP_0244 CJP_0275 CJP_0286 CJP_0313 CJP_0318 CJP_0355 CJP_0382 CJP_0400 CJP_0487 CJP_0585 CJP_0635 CJP_0675 CJP_0684 CJP_0705 CJP_0716 CJP_0733 CJP_0765 CJP_0774 CJP_0778 CJP_0798 CJP_0808 CJP_0818 CJP_0827 CJP_0829 CJP_0831 CJP_0869 CJP_0881 CJP_0901 CJP_0906 CJP_0911 CJP_0916 CJP_0919 CJP_0920 CJP_0926 CJP_0931 CJP_0944 Baby Henrietta

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