baby birdie

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This is the darling little bird that I’ve been so excited to share with you. I was blessed to have taken maternity photos for her mummy and daddy just a few weeks before she was born – they can be found here. This gorgeous wee babe was a delight to photograph. I spent the morning shooting away as mummy and daddy cooed and cuddled. Thank you, for allowing me into your home and lives to capture these beautiful moments with you and your daughter.

JWJ_0022 JWJ_0029 JWJ_0031 JWJ_0049 JWJ_0061 JWJ_0131 JWJ_0107 JWJ_0171 JWJ_0154 JWJ_0179 copy JWJ_0173 JWJ_0204 JWJ_0224 JWJ_0226 JWJ_0229 copy JWJ_0232 JWJ_0236 copy JWJ_0262 JWJ_0270 JWJ_0291 JWJ_0303 JWJ_0324 JWJ_0336 JWJ_0356 JWJ_0366 JWJ_0382 copy JWJ_0449 JWJ_0489 JWJ_0501 JWJ_0527 copy JWJ_0527 JWJ_0535 JWJ_0538 JWJ_0561 JWJ_0573 JWJ_0682 JWJ_0690 JWJ_0697 JWJ_0701 JWJ_0702 JWJ_0728 JWJ_0730 JWJ_0732 JWJ_0741 copy JWJ_0741 JWJ_0746 copy JWJ_0766 JWJ_0778 JWJ_0785 JWJ_0829 JWJ_0904 JWJ_0915 JWJ_0921 JWJ_0928 JWJ_0932 baby bird


  1. amanda
    November 2, 2013

    BEAUTIFUL, cate! thanks again for a wonderful morning together! we love you!!

  2. Theresa
    November 2, 2013

    Sooo beautiful!! Love every single one and the lighting!! Great job Cate!!!!


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