baby Abe

Baby Abe

So I have completely let this post jump my long queue of posts to share with you…but I hope you’ll see why! Little Abe is now just over a day old and when I got to the hospital to visit, he was just under 10 hours old! He is simply perfection. This little man also just so happens to be our godson and I couldn’t be more in love already. From the top of his blond tipped dark head of full hair, to his teeny tiny little toes, I adore him. And so do his mommy and daddy 😉 If you’re having a baby soon, I beg you to seriously consider tacking on a “Fresh 48” photo shoot like this one to document the first hours of life. It is just so precious and real. CJP_0175 I love you Abe!Baby AbeCJP_0176 CJP_0178 CJP_0184 copy CJP_0184 CJP_0186 CJP_0189 CJP_0191 CJP_0192 CJP_0198 CJP_0202 CJP_0210 CJP_0216 CJP_0217 CJP_0221 CJP_0228 CJP_0231 CJP_0232 CJP_0233 copy CJP_0233 CJP_0235 CJP_0237 CJP_0241 CJP_0243 CJP_0245 CJP_0247 CJP_0250 CJP_0251 CJP_0253 CJP_0268 CJP_0270 CJP_0275 CJP_0277 CJP_0283 CJP_0285 CJP_0291 CJP_0300 CJP_0303 CJP_0309 CJP_0315 CJP_0326 CJP_0341 CJP_0346 CJP_0349
CJP_0356 CJP_0358

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  1. Spencer Merz
    December 6, 2014

    A true miracle.

    I love the shot of Mom and Dad kissing over the baby!


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