baby abe


I had so much fun photographing this little chunk. From his gorgeous chubby cheeks, to his back fat rolls, dreamy baby lips, and full head of hair, he rocked his newborn shoot. Mommy, daddy, auntie, and grandma were all there to love on him and make it extra special. Abe, you are so loved and cherished.CJP_0033 CJP_0037 CJP_0063 CJP_0068 CJP_0083 CJP_0097 CJP_0105 CJP_0117 CJP_0129 CJP_0133 CJP_0182 CJP_0189 CJP_0201 CJP_0204 CJP_0211 CJP_0234 CJP_0241 CJP_0255 CJP_0259 CJP_0271 CJP_0280 CJP_0289 CJP_0293 CJP_0300 CJP_0305 copy CJP_0308 CJP_0316 CJP_0319 CJP_0321 CJP_0336 CJP_0347 CJP_0352 CJP_0356 CJP_0359 CJP_0367 CJP_0370 CJP_0375 CJP_0383 CJP_0385 CJP_0394 CJP_0409 CJP_0414 CJP_0415 CJP_0416 CJP_0420 CJP_0423 CJP_0427 CJP_0434 CJP_0438 copy CJP_0447 copy CJP_0451 CJP_0447 CJP_0473 CJP_0486 CJP_0521 CJP_0517 CJP_0513 CJP_0531 CJP_0541 CJP_0547 CJP_0571 CJP_0573 CJP_0606 CJP_0619 CJP_0641 CJP_0666 baby abe

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