apple picking

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I have a newborn post that I am DESPERATE to blog for you, but until I can do that, feast your eyes on the following…this was the first time Chris and I have ever been apple picking together (or for me, at all) while we’ve lived in Boston. Every year I would gaze longingly at photos from friends who have made the excursions out to the lovely apple farms and gleaned gorgeous produce which was promptly turned into applesauces, tarts, pies, and donuts. This year it was our turn! All thanks to our delightful friends Leah and Zach. Zach was decidedly against paying to pick your own fruit, but in true form, Leah helped rally him forth with promises of apple turnovers and hot cider. And of course, our company. 😉 Here friends are the photos from our idyllic stroll through the orchards. Thank you Leah for continuing to be such a stunning muse and for taking the photos below of Chris and I!

apple picking 2013

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  1. Jennifer
    November 1, 2013

    Beautiful as always! I might be just a little bit jealous that we couldn’t join you guys. I hope that you ladies made some really yummy treats!


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